100% Local

After nearly four years of being in business in the Mount Pleasant community, we get asked many questions by our clients.  One of those we get asked very often is, “Is this a franchise?”  The answer is NO.  We are 100% local.  What is the difference?  There are a lot of differences actually between a franchise and a  100% local business.  Nothing against franchises as there are certainly advantages to owning and operating a franchise.

This business was started from the ground up by Shelly and I.  We had a hand in everything; from logo design, signs, website, to salon location.  It was hard work but definitely worth it in the end to have something unique.

When you call Lice Beware, you can rest assured that the person you are speaking to is here in the Lowcountry.  For the most part our phone remains in the shop.  When you call us you are not reaching a corporate office.   We schedule all of our own appointments.  We even still use a schedule book for this!

The money spent in our store stays local!  We do not pay franchise fees, and all of our employees are from the area; further stimulating the local economy.  This is actually a pretty big deal in today’s world.

We are thrilled to have served thousands of families across the Lowcountry over the last four years.  We would love to expand in the future to open a second location, but for now we are content to keep it local!!


Three reasons every school age child in America needs a good nit comb!






Ahh Back to school time….new backpacks, pencils, lunch boxes and, nit combs…..what???  You didn’t read it wrong.  Don’t think your child needs a nit comb, think again.  Head lice is second only to the common cold as a reason for school absences.  Of course no one thinks “their child” will get lice until it happens to them.  Chances are if you have a child in school, at some point your child will contract lice.  Being prepared so that when, not if, it does happen to you is key.  The more you are prepared for it, the less you will panic when it does happen.  Having a good nit comb is essential if you have a child in school.  Here is why…..

1.)    Lice never happens at a convenient time. You really don’t have to go the drugstore at 11:00 and pick up a pesticide in panic. If you have olive oil in your pantry and nit comb, you have everything you need! Olive oil is a great natural treatment alternative that most people already own. Simply douse the head with a generous portion, wrap your head in a shower cap. In the morning comb it out with your nit comb and wash their hair out. You will need to continue to comb daily.

2.) If lice is found in your class, you should check your child using a nit comb!! Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, lice is very difficult to detect with the naked eye. Many parents will receive a note from school and visually check their child’s head thinking they find nothing only to find an infestation on their hands a week later. Checking for lice with a nit comb takes 5 minutes and will accurately detect lice even in early stages.

3.) SLEEPOVERS…….need I say more?? Comb your child’s hair to check for lice after they sleep over at someone’s house!!

Lice Beware uses the Terminator comb in treatment and sell them in their retail store for $16.95. I highly recommend picking one up for the school year!!


The Real gift that keeps on Giving!!

Ahh the holidays…..Gotta love em!!  Families gather together to exchange gifts and spread goodwill and cheer.  However you could be giving or receiving the worst Christmas present ever and not even realize it!  The fact is lice are transferred in the blink of an eye and unlike airborne illnesses, it often takes 4-6 weeks for a case to present symptoms so you could be passing more than just eggnog to cousin Eddie at your holiday gathering.  While you could show up donning a festive shower cap to match your holiday get up, here is some sound advice to help you and your love ones avoid a gift far worse than “the jelly of the month club”.

1.)  If your child has lice, don’t attempt to hide it from your relatives.  It may be embarrassing for you, but it will save you from a world of hurt later if you are just upfront and honest.  You and your relatives can take preventative measures to minimize the chance of a transfer such as pulling hair back and performing a head check with a nit comb after the holidays.

2.) If your child has recently been exposed to lice, check them thoroughly before you assume they are clear.  We all receive the dreaded school letters informing us that there has been a case of lice in our child’s class.  Many parents will look visually at their child hair and assume that when they don’t see anything or notice their child scratching that they are fine.  Lice are very good at camouflaging themselves and unless you are trained to know where and what to look for, you will probably miss it.  As I stated earlier an initial lice infestation typically takes 4-6 weeks to produce any symptoms.  By this time it is usually a heavy case that has already spread to siblings and good friends.  Using a good nit comb (we sell and recommend the Terminator comb) to check for lice is the most effective  way to do it, period.

3.)  When in doubt, call us!!  We perform comprehensive head checks for just $20 in our treatment center.  Our clients routinely tell us that the peace of mind this gives them is well worth it!

4.)  When your precious children return to school from Christmas break, be vigilant about combing through their hair with a nit comb once a week.  There is always a rise in lice infestations when children return to school from an extended break, so beware!



Common Sense Prevention Tips for September

September is National Head Lice Awareness Month.  It is a great time to remind everyone of some tips for preventing and dealing with head lice.  Head lice is a human parasite that affects 6-12 million people in the US yearly.  Although it is more common among children in the age range of 6-11 years anyone who comes into contact with an infested person can contract lice.

Head lice is spread primarily through head to head contact so when thinking of lice prevention this is where you should start.  It is always a good idea to pull long hair back for school.  Not only is the hair out of the face, making it easier to concentrate on schoolwork, but it also makes it more difficult to contract lice.  A nice braid or bun works best, but ponytails or pigtails are good as well.  Using prevention products such as shampoos or sprays containing essential oils such as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, or tea tree oil can also help prevent the spread of lice.

Lastly, but most importantly, combing through your child’s hair once a week with a good metal nit comb (we recommend the Terminator comb) is the best thing you can do as a parent to prevent a difficult lice infestation.  We always recommend conducting a preventative combing after your child has had a shower or bath and the hair is slightly wet and tangle free.  Get a white bowl or Tupperware container with a white paper towel on the bottom.  Make sure to comb all the way from the scalp to the ends of the hair.  Pay close attention to the “hot spots” which include the very front of the head, behind the ears, and the base of the neck.  Every 3-4 swipes with the comb, empty the water by scraping the tines of the comb with your fingernails.  Nits in water will looks like small sesame seeds and will be tan or brown.  A louse will be the size of a pencil tip and will be dark brown or tan.  They can appear red as well if they were feeding.  If you see something that fits this description then chances are your child has lice.  Do not panic or stress…..Pick up the phone and call us at 843-323-5366 to discuss your treatment options.

One more word about lice……Please do not send your child to school if they have lice.  I know it is highly inconvenient to keep them home.  It is also inconsiderate of the rest to the children that your child comes into contact with throughout the day if your child goes to school.



What exactly are Super Lice??

Recently while treating a little girl at the Lice Treatment Center, she asked if she had regular lice or super lice.  I asked her why she asked and she said that the local pharmacist informed her that one of the elementary schools in the area was “infested with super lice.”  I asked her if she wanted regular lice or super lice, to which she said enthusiastically, “I want super lice!”  I said well you’re in luck because you do have super lice.  Of course in reality I would have no idea if she really had super lice or not but it made her feel special.  It also brought the subject of resistant head lice to my mind.

Super Lice is a term used to describe lice that are resistant to the over the counter treatment methods that used to work.  Recently  researchers from several states reported 100% of lice found carried the resistance gene to the traditional over the counter pesticide treatments.  Pyrethrin  based products such as RID, NIX, and even the stronger prescriptions are proving to be less effective than they once were.

This may be news to parents, however, we see proof that super lice really do exist on a daily basis.  We have had several clients who have tried numerous treatment options including pesticides only to still be dealing with the problem weeks sometimes months later.  I believe if people really knew how ineffective RID has become, they would not rush to the drug store to buy it.  Most people assume that treating lice effectively has to include applying a product to kill the bugs.  This is absolutely not true.  The most effective lice treatment method involves manually removing the live lice and the nits ensuring that the life cycle is broken.

If you absolutely feel you must use a pesticide, make sure that you completely follow the instructions on the label as these are potent neurotoxins with dangerous side effects.  RID and NIX are only to be applied once and then not applied again for at least seven days.  The treatment is not safe for repeated daily application at all!! .


True Confession: Even the Lice Lady’s Child Gets Lice Sometimes!

Last Thursday was a particularly busy day at our Lice Treatment Center.  I returned home after 6:00 that evening to the usual….make dinner, check homework, baths etc.  I had already told myself that it was time to comb through my girls’ hair because it had been over a week since I had done so because we were out of town for spring break.  As my youngest daughter was in the bath, I noticed what looked a nit on a strand of hair on her forehead.  I quickly examined it further and sure enough, that’s exactly what it was!!  Having been through this before, (and having a slight advantage with my chosen profession) I quickly applied the enzyme product we use at the center and started making all the phone calls.  Within 30 minutes I had checked and cleared my other daughter, and three of our neighbor’s children.  Then I began my 5th stand by strand treatment of the day on my own child at 8:30 at night.  Luckily I caught it very early (due to weekly combing) and I was able to get through her hair relatively quickly.  I realized that there would be no way I would be able to locate the source of this infestation because we had been all over the place last week, as we are pretty much every week.  So I just informed everyone that I could think of including her teacher and homeroom mother.  I also realized that I had allowed my daughter to wear her down last week and had run out of our mint shampoo (Lice Beware shampoo of course)  Any way all of my friends got a laugh out of it and I can truly say…..I am not only the co founder of Lice Beware…..I’m also a client!!!! Nezni platy berne


Natural Lice Treatment: The proper way to comb for nits

When battling lice the key to success is ensuring that you have removed all of the nits from the hair.  We have had many clients in the past who have thought they have conquered lice only to feel defeted when the problem returns because stray nits have hatched and the life cycle continues. Follow these steps to ensure that you are combing in the most effective manner.
1) Start with wet, clean, well conditioned hair. Wet hair is much easier to comb through than dry hair. It is best if you can comb following your child’s bath or shower. If this is not possible, use a good spray conditioner and water to saturate the hair.
2.) Gather your materials. You will need the following items: A good nit comb (the terminator comb is the best on the market), rat tail comb, detangling comb or brush, butterfly clip (nore than one if your child has extremely thick hair), a white bowl filled halfway with water or a tupperware container with a papertowel underneath, paper towels, nit glue dissolver (if desired, it will make the process much easier)
3.) Before you begin, it is advised to use a product to loosen the nit glue that cements the nits on to the hair shaft. We recommend Lice Beware Mousse. Leave on the hair for 10 minutes.
4.) Comb or brush the hair free of tangles.
5.) Secure the hair with one hand on top of the head like a ponytail. With the rat tail comb, pull a thin section of hair from one side of the neck to the other. Secure the hair on top with a clip. Begin combing that section with the nit comb, working back and forth. Make sure that you are starting the comb right to the scalp and pulling it through to the tip. If it gets tangled, detangle hair with regular comb and redo that section. Examine the comb and empty it in the bowl after 3-4 swipes. Wipe comb with paper towel and continue.
6.) Continue pulling thin horizontal sections down and combing, working in the section around the ears when you reach those points. End with the bang area. Always pay close attention to the hot spots: the nape of the neck, around the ears, the crown of the head, and the bangs.
7.) Continue combing until the comb is clean. If you are not seeking professional assistance, you should repeat this process until you have two completely clean comb outs.
8.) If you find anything live flush it down the toilet and keep combing.
Combing for nits is essential to breaking the lice life cycle. We carry all the tools essential for this process in our treatment center and online on our website. We can also visually demonstrate the technique in our center as well.


Be a Friend, Tell a Friend: Why you should tell everyone you know when your child gets lice

No one is extremely happy about their child getting head lice.  I’ve often heard people say “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”  Well guess what your child did get it from someone, but keep in mind that chances are your child also gave it to someone close to them as well.  It is because of this that parents need to be responsible when their children are diagnosed with lice and inform everyone that their child has been in contact with for the past 2 weeks.  Many parents still get embarassed when their child has lice and want to keep it secret.  That type of thinking will perpetuate an outbreak and often leads to reinfestation.  Here are some simple steps of communication that can help you tell others.

1.)  Contact your child’s teacher and let them know that he/she has been found to have lice and has been treated.  What the teacher does with this information will vary upon the teacher.  If you don’t notice a letter or email going out to the class, I would recommend that you take it upon yourself to send one to the parents in your child’s class.  These children spend a large part of their day in school in close contact with one another and it is very possible that it was the source of the infestation in the first place.  However, if a parent doesnt know there is lice in the class, chances are they won’t be looking for it.

2.)  Reach out to your child’s playmates.  This would include any neighbors or children who your child has played with over the last couple of weeks.  If you don’t know a parent’s number, ask someone who does.

3.)  Tell any family members who have been in contact with your child.  It is not impossible for grandparents to contract head lice.  It happens more often than you think.

4.)  Contact your child’s Sunday school teacher and coaches/teachers of any other after school activities they attend.

5.)  Last but not least…..Make sure every member of your household is thoroughly examined.  Nearly half of head lice cases are transferred on to siblings, and one third are transferred on to moms.  Dads luckily only contract it about 3% of the time (sorry moms, we are still waiting for our first dad with head lice)

Head lice is nothing to be embarrassed about.  It happens… should not hide it.  Trust me many parents will be thankful that you let them know.  If you do decide to keep it yourself, please make sure that your child is free of live bugs before you send them to school or on a playdate.  A child is considered lice free only after you have combed their hair and nothing is found.




The sleepover dilemma: How to prevent your child from contracting lice at a sleepover

Ahh, sleepovers, the rite of passage from being a little kid to a big kid.  Sleepovers can be a fun time for kids to share secrets and stories or just have FUN.  Sleepovers can also unfortunately be a great place to share lice.  There are a few things parents can do to make sure their children come home lice free from a sleepover.

1.)  Make sure your child packs their own pillow and uses it.  Although there is a very small chance for lice to transfer from a pillow, its better not to risk it.  Wash the pillow case when your child returns home.

2.)  Always make sure your child packs their own comb or brush and does not use their friend’s brush.  Also make sure their friend does not use their brush either.  This may be difficult for middle school girls who like to share things like this, but be firm!

3.)  If children will be sharing a bed, encourage your child to pull their hair back and if possible use mint spray.

4.)  Check and comb your child’s hair with a metal nit comb within 48 hours after they return from the sleepover even if you do not suspect anyone at the sleepover has lice.  It is important to remember most children don’t realize they have lice for two to three weeks with an initial infestation.  The combing only takes 5 minutes and this preventative step could save you so much time and money in the long run.

So now you can send your child to their next sleepover with confidence!


How we became Nit Pickers……How Lice Beware, the area’s only lice removal company trained and certified in the Shepherd Method, came to be

Since opening Lice Beware, I have been asked many, many questions……How did you think of this?  Why in the world would you want to pick nits for a living?  How were you trained for this?  This is our story………

Shelly and I are both mothers who have dealt with head lice in the past.  We were both extremely grossed out by pesticide and chemical products.  We were both frustrated by the lack of resources there were in the area for help with tackling this problem.  Like many parents when I found out my daughters had head lice the first time, I freaked out!!  I bagged everything that would fit in a trash bag for a month (even some things that didn’t, yes I used two of them), ruined every brush by over sanitizing them, washed everything and went overboard with Lysol and bleach (which by the way does nothing for lice).  I was a crazed lunatic for weeks.  Not to mention what I did to my daughters’ poor head.  At one point, I mixed up a solution of vinegar, olive oil, and tea tree oil and put it on their head with a shower cap for an hour.  They smelled like bad salad dressing for weeks!!  When I calmed down and began researching head lice, I discovered that I was actually doing way too much of all the wrong things!!  I knew there must be a lot of other mothers in the same boat as me.  I began talking to other mothers and sharing what I had learned and helping them learn how to comb and check for nits.  Before we knew it, people started calling us when their children got lice.

When we decided to turn the corner and turn this into a business, we both agreed that though we had experience dealing with head lice, we wanted professional training.  We would never want to charge someone for a professional service without the proper training.  Because head lice removal is an unregulated business there is no training or certification required to charge for services, but we became certified anyway because we wanted to offer a truly professional service to our clients.  I would never go a hair stylist who has not been to beauty school so why would I pay someone to remove lice from my child’s head who hadn’t received the proper training?   After much research we came upon Lice Solutions ( a non profit agency in Southern Florida headed up by Katie Shepherd, world renowned lice expert and author.  She has devised a method of treatment that is undoubtedly the most systematic and thorough approach to lice removal.  The training we received at Lice Solutions was over 40 hours of intense hands-on training.  Lice Solutions not only treats head lice, but they also research different products and methods all the time so they know what works and what doesn’t.

Also while in training we were able to see the benefits of opening up a treatment center versus treating in people’s home which is what we had been doing prior to our training.  Good overhead lighting is essential for identifying and removing lice and nits.  Also in a treatment center you remove a lot of other variables as well.  Children tend to be able to sit still longer when they know there are at the center to remove lice and thats it! We also make it fun with movies and video games.

So now you know when you call us you can feel confident that we are true professionals and can handle the toughest cases because we already have:)