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100% Local

After nearly four years of being in business in the Mount Pleasant community, we get asked many questions by our clients.  One of those we get asked very often is, “Is this a franchise?”  The answer is NO.  We are 100% local.  What is the difference?  There are a lot of differences actually between a […]


What exactly are Super Lice??

Recently while treating a little girl at the Lice Treatment Center, she asked if she had regular lice or super lice.  I asked her why she asked and she said that the local pharmacist informed her that one of the elementary schools in the area was “infested with super lice.”  I asked her if she […]


Natural Lice Treatment: The proper way to comb for nits

When battling lice the key to success is ensuring that you have removed all of the nits from the hair.  We have had many clients in the past who have thought they have conquered lice only to feel defeted when the problem returns because stray nits have hatched and the life cycle continues. Follow these […]


How we became Nit Pickers……How Lice Beware, the area’s only lice removal company trained and certified in the Shepherd Method, came to be

Since opening Lice Beware, I have been asked many, many questions……How did you think of this?  Why in the world would you want to pick nits for a living?  How were you trained for this?  This is our story……… Shelly and I are both mothers who have dealt with head lice in the past.  We […]

Put down the face wash!!! Why you should not use Cetaphil for head lice treatment

Cetaphil has long been in use as a gentle facial cleanser with a mild scent that can be used by all skin types.  Recently there has been a lot of people claiming that it is an effective “natural” head lice treatment option for those who do not want to use pesticides or harsh chemicals. what […]