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100% Local

After nearly four years of being in business in the Mount Pleasant community, we get asked many questions by our clients.  One of those we get asked very often is, “Is this a franchise?”  The answer is NO.  We are 100% local.  What is the difference?  There are a lot of differences actually between a […]


Common Sense Prevention Tips for September

September is National Head Lice Awareness Month.  It is a great time to remind everyone of some tips for preventing and dealing with head lice.  Head lice is a human parasite that affects 6-12 million people in the US yearly.  Although it is more common among children in the age range of 6-11 years anyone […]


What exactly are Super Lice??

Recently while treating a little girl at the Lice Treatment Center, she asked if she had regular lice or super lice.  I asked her why she asked and she said that the local pharmacist informed her that one of the elementary schools in the area was “infested with super lice.”  I asked her if she […]


True Confession: Even the Lice Lady’s Child Gets Lice Sometimes!

Last Thursday was a particularly busy day at our Lice Treatment Center.  I returned home after 6:00 that evening to the usual….make dinner, check homework, baths etc.  I had already told myself that it was time to comb through my girls’ hair because it had been over a week since I had done so because […]


Natural Lice Treatment: The proper way to comb for nits

When battling lice the key to success is ensuring that you have removed all of the nits from the hair.  We have had many clients in the past who have thought they have conquered lice only to feel defeted when the problem returns because stray nits have hatched and the life cycle continues. Follow these […]


Be a Friend, Tell a Friend: Why you should tell everyone you know when your child gets lice

No one is extremely happy about their child getting head lice.  I’ve often heard people say “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”  Well guess what your child did get it from someone, but keep in mind that chances are your child also gave it to someone close to them as well.  It is […]