Cetaphil has long been in use as a gentle facial cleanser with a mild scent that can be used by all skin types.  Recently there has been a lot of people claiming that it is an effective “natural” head lice treatment option for those who do not want to use pesticides or harsh chemicals. what is my whois .  Before you run out and buy the three or four bottles of cleanser needed to complete the full “Nuvo” method of treatment you might want to be aware of exactly what you are in for.

First and foremost you should be aware that this entire method of treatment was founded on a scam by Dr. Dale Pearlman in California.  He charged patients to participate in a study on a miracle head lice product.  He applied the mystery product and then “shrink wrapped” their hair.  Under pressure, he admitted that the product was nothing more than Cetaphil cleanser.  Though the product did have some impact on adult bugs, it did not get rid of the nits or newly hatched nymphs.  I have already seen treatment failures using this option.

The method involves a whopping 14 steps and 3 weeks so be prepared for a huge time commitment as well.  First you must apply the cleanser to the scalp in a criss cross pattern and saturate all the hair. Bisulfat  After that you must blow dry the hair fully. domain availability check .  I must warn you that if you are dealing with thick hair, you may want to have a spare blow dryer on hand because I have talked to a couple of folks who burnt up their hair dryer because this step takes so long.  Then you sleep with your hair this way all night.  When you wake up in the morning, you rinse out the cleanser.  It may leave behind residue for several weeks, too.  All this…..I’m tired just thinking about it!!  Well guess what, you’re not done yet!!  You get to do it again twice because you have not killed the nits!

Also if you are considering using Cetaphil cleanser because it is a great natural alternative, consider this.  The only natural ingredient in Cetaphil is water.  The rest of the ingredients are chemicals that are well known carcinogens that can be toxic if absorbed into the skin.  Keep in mind this is being kept on your head, which has a high absorption rate, for over eight hours!  The manufacturers of Cetaphil also do not endorse it as a lice treatment product.

If you are looking for the best natural treatment option, nothing replaces manual nit picking, nothing!