Ahh the holidays…..Gotta love em!!  Families gather together to exchange gifts and spread goodwill and cheer.  However you could be giving or receiving the worst Christmas present ever and not even realize it!  The fact is lice are transferred in the blink of an eye and unlike airborne illnesses, it often takes 4-6 weeks for a case to present symptoms so you could be passing more than just eggnog to cousin Eddie at your holiday gathering.  While you could show up donning a festive shower cap to match your holiday get up, here is some sound advice to help you and your love ones avoid a gift far worse than “the jelly of the month club”.

1.)  If your child has lice, don’t attempt to hide it from your relatives.  It may be embarrassing for you, but it will save you from a world of hurt later if you are just upfront and honest.  You and your relatives can take preventative measures to minimize the chance of a transfer such as pulling hair back and performing a head check with a nit comb after the holidays.

2.) If your child has recently been exposed to lice, check them thoroughly before you assume they are clear.  We all receive the dreaded school letters informing us that there has been a case of lice in our child’s class.  Many parents will look visually at their child hair and assume that when they don’t see anything or notice their child scratching that they are fine.  Lice are very good at camouflaging themselves and unless you are trained to know where and what to look for, you will probably miss it.  As I stated earlier an initial lice infestation typically takes 4-6 weeks to produce any symptoms.  By this time it is usually a heavy case that has already spread to siblings and good friends.  Using a good nit comb (we sell and recommend the Terminator comb) to check for lice is the most effective  way to do it, period.

3.)  When in doubt, call us!!  We perform comprehensive head checks for just $20 in our treatment center.  Our clients routinely tell us that the peace of mind this gives them is well worth it!

4.)  When your precious children return to school from Christmas break, be vigilant about combing through their hair with a nit comb once a week.  There is always a rise in lice infestations when children return to school from an extended break, so beware!