Ahh, sleepovers, the rite of passage from being a little kid to a big kid.  Sleepovers can be a fun time for kids to share secrets and stories or just have FUN.  Sleepovers can also unfortunately be a great place to share lice.  There are a few things parents can do to make sure their children come home lice free from a sleepover.

1.)  Make sure your child packs their own pillow and uses it.  Although there is a very small chance for lice to transfer from a pillow, its better not to risk it.  Wash the pillow case when your child returns home.

2.)  Always make sure your child packs their own comb or brush and does not use their friend’s brush.  Also make sure their friend does not use their brush either.  This may be difficult for middle school girls who like to share things like this, but be firm!

3.)  If children will be sharing a bed, encourage your child to pull their hair back and if possible use mint spray.

4.)  Check and comb your child’s hair with a metal nit comb within 48 hours after they return from the sleepover even if you do not suspect anyone at the sleepover has lice.  It is important to remember most children don’t realize they have lice for two to three weeks with an initial infestation.  The combing only takes 5 minutes and this preventative step could save you so much time and money in the long run.

So now you can send your child to their next sleepover with confidence!