pick_sliderAhh Back to school time….new backpacks, pencils, lunch boxes and, nit combs…..what???  You didn’t read it wrong.  Don’t think your child needs a nit comb, think again.  Head lice is second only to the common cold as a reason for school absences.  Of course no one thinks “their child” will get lice until it happens to them.  Chances are if you have a child in school, at some point your child will contract lice.  Being prepared so that when, not if, it does happen to you is key.  The more you are prepared for it, the less you will panic when it does happen.  Having a good nit comb is essential if you have a child in school.  Here is why…..

1.)    Lice never happens at a convenient time. You really don’t have to go the drugstore at 11:00 and pick up a pesticide in panic. If you have olive oil in your pantry and nit comb, you have everything you need! Olive oil is a great natural treatment alternative that most people already own. Simply douse the head with a generous portion, wrap your head in a shower cap. In the morning comb it out with your nit comb and wash their hair out. You will need to continue to comb daily.

2.) If lice is found in your class, you should check your child using a nit comb!! Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, lice is very difficult to detect with the naked eye. Many parents will receive a note from school and visually check their child’s head thinking they find nothing only to find an infestation on their hands a week later. Checking for lice with a nit comb takes 5 minutes and will accurately detect lice even in early stages.

3.) SLEEPOVERS…….need I say more?? Comb your child’s hair to check for lice after they sleep over at someone’s house!!

Lice Beware uses the Terminator comb in treatment and sell them in their retail store for $16.95. I highly recommend picking one up for the school year!!