What Our Clients Say

kidsrunning1After trying other products to treat my daughters head lice, I found Lice Beware and I am so glad that I did! The products worked great and I had peace of mind knowing that they were all natural.  I would definitely recommend Lice Beware to someone who is struggling with this problem!”

Heather, Charleston, SC

“I was blown away with the level of professionalism and discretion of the ladies at Lice Beware. They not only took care of our family’s lice problem but made us feel at ease through the process. I would recommend them to everyone!”

RN at Roper Hospital, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I am thankful to have found Lice Beware! They took care of my children with kindness and patience! We were visiting from out of town and they went out of their way to fit us in for a last minute appointment. They took their time to make sure that we were completely lice free! I highly recommend their services and products!”

Cynthia, Ohio

“Lice Beware you are a life saver!!!  My daughter’s lice is gone for good thanks to you!!”

Tracy, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I am so grateful for the support and technical skill of the Lice Beware Team to treat our lice with efficiency and a precision I could not have managed alone.  The team went through my daughter’s long thick hair strand by strand to treat it.  They gave us such friendly concern, support and some common sense advice against the hype and hysteria online and in the community.  We were lice free more quickly and more calmly with the help of this great team!”

Leigh, Mt. Pleasant, SC

I wasted a lot of money on RID products after I found out my son had lice.  The RID did nothing for the lice eggs which kept hatching and then spead to my own head.  ONLY after calling LiceBeware and having Emily come to my house was I able to get rid of the lice for good.  They were professional,skilled,and understood exactly what I was going through.  They also offered two check ups for the entire family to be sure we were lice free and would stay that way.  A huge thank you for the peace of mind you brought to myself and my family.  What a comfort it is to know your company and nontoxic products exist and can actually SOLVE the problem.”

Katie H.  Mt. Pleasant, SC

I am so grateful for the ladies at Lice Beware.  My daughter had been dealing with lice for several weeks and I had tried every product on the market!  The technicians at Lice Beware made sure she was lice free!!  I would definitely recommend this service to anyone dealing with head lice!”

 Jaime, Charleston, SC