When battling lice the key to success is ensuring that you have removed all of the nits from the hair.  We have had many clients in the past who have thought they have conquered lice only to feel defeted when the problem returns because stray nits have hatched and the life cycle continues. Follow these steps to ensure that you are combing in the most effective manner.
1) Start with wet, clean, well conditioned hair. Wet hair is much easier to comb through than dry hair. It is best if you can comb following your child’s bath or shower. If this is not possible, use a good spray conditioner and water to saturate the hair.
2.) Gather your materials. You will need the following items: A good nit comb (the terminator comb is the best on the market), rat tail comb, detangling comb or brush, butterfly clip (nore than one if your child has extremely thick hair), a white bowl filled halfway with water or a tupperware container with a papertowel underneath, paper towels, nit glue dissolver (if desired, it will make the process much easier)
3.) Before you begin, it is advised to use a product to loosen the nit glue that cements the nits on to the hair shaft. We recommend Lice Beware Mousse. Leave on the hair for 10 minutes.
4.) Comb or brush the hair free of tangles.
5.) Secure the hair with one hand on top of the head like a ponytail. With the rat tail comb, pull a thin section of hair from one side of the neck to the other. Secure the hair on top with a clip. Begin combing that section with the nit comb, working back and forth. Make sure that you are starting the comb right to the scalp and pulling it through to the tip. If it gets tangled, detangle hair with regular comb and redo that section. Examine the comb and empty it in the bowl after 3-4 swipes. Wipe comb with paper towel and continue.
6.) Continue pulling thin horizontal sections down and combing, working in the section around the ears when you reach those points. End with the bang area. Always pay close attention to the hot spots: the nape of the neck, around the ears, the crown of the head, and the bangs.
7.) Continue combing until the comb is clean. If you are not seeking professional assistance, you should repeat this process until you have two completely clean comb outs.
8.) If you find anything live flush it down the toilet and keep combing.
Combing for nits is essential to breaking the lice life cycle. We carry all the tools essential for this process in our treatment center and online on our website. We can also visually demonstrate the technique in our center as well.