The Key to Head Lice Prevention

When I was in high school I had a History teacher who had these words painted on the wall in big bold letters “The fifteen minute key to success.”  His theory was if you studied your notes for fifteen minutes a night, you would not have to cram for a test the night before.  This kind of proactive approach can be applied to many areas of life, including the prevention of lice infestations.  Many well intentioned parents never think to check for head lice until they know there is an “outbreak” in their child’s classroom or they notice their child scratching at the head.  The truth is if every parent owned a good lice comb and used it once or twice a week on their child it would greatly reduce the spread of lice.  The process of preventative combing only takes 5 minutes and can be done ideally after a bath or shower.  If it is done consistently you can stop head lice in its tracks!  All you need is a good lice comb and a bowl of water.  Comb the hair with a detangling comb and pull the hair on top of head in a ponytail.  Using a rat tail comb, pull sections down and begin combing, making sure that you take the comb to the scalp and drag it to the tip of the hair.  Pay close attention to the areas near the nape of the neck, the crown, behind the ears, and the bang area.  If you do find lice, keep combing diligently until your comb is completely free of lice and nits.  Keep combing daily to ensure that you remove all lice and nits!!